Best Smoothie Maker Blender

Fresh fruit smoothies are one of the best ways to get the powerful antioxidant power of fruits. But a lot of the at-home smoothie maker blenders are pure crap. You end up spending more on repeatedly buying and trashing consumer smoothie blenders than you would if you were just to buy a commercial smoothie maker. In this article we examine the factors that should influence your purchase in order to find the best smoothie blender maker for your purposes.

When it comes to buying a smoothie blender, how do you decide which company to trust with your money? There are so many different smoothie blenders to choose from. They come in many different sizes (such as mini blenders), with different speeds and blade functions (and even different blades). Their containers are different shapes and made of different materials. And of course they run a pretty wide price range, costing anywhere from $30 for a budget smoothie blender to $800 for a commercial grade blender.

For most people, the ideal at home smoothie blender lies somewhere in between those extremes. A search for the most relevant and popular smoothie blenders shows some interesting trends. Some of these brand names for best smoothie blenders are names that have a stronghold in many other kitchen appliances. But some have specialized in the blender and smoothie blender category in particular, so you may not see their names on other goods. Here