The Best Weight Loss Pills

A lot of people get frustrated with dieting and exercise and want additional weight loss help in the form of diet pills. This is often a dicey proposition because there is a fairly shadowy world of marketing surrounding these types of supplements and it can be very difficult to become reasonably informed as to what the best weight loss pills are, and how they can fit into a healthy diet program.

There is a certain level of fear associated with the use of weight loss pills also, and rightly so, because many people have suffered adverse medical events in the past as a direct result of taking various types of diet pills. The more dangerous supplements have consistently been removed from the American market after these cases became documented, but new weight loss pill ingredients are always being added to the market and many of them are unproven and unregulated at the time that they are sold.

This presents a serious risk to the consumer because the next new most effective, most popular, life-changing, "best weight loss pills" could turn out to be the next fen-phen or ephedrine, which have caused heart attacks and death. Many people are fooled by manufacturers' claims that they are selling "natural weight loss pills." In fact, there are plenty of harmful and fatal substances in nature, and just as many that can be healthful under the right circumstances but which can have interactions with medications, certain types of diets, or pre-existing health conditions.

Even prescription weight loss pills are not guaranteed safe, and often present serious side effects. In this case they are typically prescribed to individuals whose doctors estimate that the risks of continued obesity outweigh the risks of taking the prescription diet drugs. But this does not mean that the individual will necessarily find the effects of the pills tolerable. This is why, if possible, it is always better to lose weight naturally through the use of a healthy diet and a well thought out exercise regimen.

There are some types of supplements that have been shown to have some good effectiveness for losing weight as well as good tolerability in medical research. These are the best weight loss pills: garcinia cambogia and guggulsterones. These have each been shown to have very few side effects and a list of potential positive effects in addition to weight loss, so the risk to the dieter is very low. Regardless, it is essential that you consult with your doctor before trying even these very best weight loss pills because there may end up being a problem with some other aspect of your health, diet, or medication that would make you a poor candidate to take them.