How To Do A Body Cleanse

Over time a body's natural systems for detoxification can become overloaded by environmental pollutants and metabolic byproducts. Body cleansing is a general term for the many ways that you can free up resources in order to cleanse your body naturally.

There are actually some methods for detoxifying certain peripheral segments of your body that are hypothesized to be involved in nervous system transmission and endocrine regulation, such as foot detox pads. However, in general we prefer techniques that initiate a whole body cleanse because we feel that all health is necessarily systemic. Your oral health is related to your nerve health is related to your digestive health and so on.

Many people focus too much on just one system of their body, and the effect is that they ultimately miss the forest for the trees. You can do all kinds of special techniques for detoxifying your colon. There are special fiber supplements, enemas, colonics, cleansing teas, and other various types of products and services that allow an individual clean debris and toxins out of the intestinal tract. But ultimately this type of procedure rarely leads to improved overall health. But if you were to perform an effective detox for your entire body, you would enjoy a colon and body cleanse. That makes sense, right?

How To Cleanse Your Body

One of the most popular and time-tested ways to achieve that kind of total body cleanse is fasting. Fasting simply involves avoiding any caloric intake for a period of days. After just a couple of days without taking in any food, your body will essentially turn off the machinery of digestion and begin to cleanse itself of many of the cellular and organic debris that we have mentioned.

Your immune system plays a large role in this cleanup process. One of the primary responsibilities of immune cells is not just to hunt down and break up bacterial and viral invaders, but also to clean up this type of debris in order to deny substrate to foreign organisms within your body. So, for example, if you have a group of damaged cells, they will be much more easily overtaken by an incoming virus than healthy cells will. The virus would then have a handy base of operations from which to launch an attack against healthier cells. If your immune system is able to destroy damaged and weakened cells before this takes place, you will be less likely to get sick.

This is an excellent argument for following a body cleanse detox procedure, because when more energy is dedicated to immune functioning, your body will be able to more quickly and efficiently destroy and rebuild damaged, weak, sick, or mutated cell groups. Many advocates of fasting cite its widespread use as a treatment for cancer, and from our way of viewing the immune functioning of the body this makes sense to us although the empirical evidence is spotty.

In conjunction with a fast diet, many prominent health gurus advocate for the use of a body cleanser in conjunction with a caloric restriction. This often involves some form of citrus like a grapefruit diet or lemonade detox, and sometimes includes other ingredients like cayenne pepper, as in the Master Cleanse diet.