Eat More to Weigh Less Quickly

Metabolism, metabolism, metabolism. That's the mantra you need to repeat over and over when you are thinking about quick weight loss diets. No matter how little you eat, no matter how much you exercise, the truth about weight loss is that it all comes back to your metabolism. How fast are you burning off the food that you eat.

Even that is a misleading assumption, because it presupposes that all food is fuel. This is a fundamental mistake of so many weight loss dieters and even folks who should really know better. Dieticians and nutritionists tend to be especially guilty of this, because their education teaches them about numbers and about risk factors, but many lack the critical thinking to understand that it all comes back to metabolism.

Some individuals lose weight faster than others given the same amount of caloric intake and the same amount of physical activity. That's a plain fact. It's been proven in clinical research. People work this way, and so do zoo animals, lab rats, and insects. Every creature adjusts its metabolism based on the body composition. So how does the body become so composed?

Because not all food is fuel. When you eat sugar, it can serve only one purpose. Direct, oxidative fuel. Your body can convert it into fat, but that is only prolonging the time until it is used as fuel. You cannot produce essential fatty acids out of carbohydrates, nor can you produce proteins out of them. The only thing that carbs are ever good for is simple fuel.

The same cannot be said of fat and protein. These macronutrients are used in much more complicated ways, and your understanding of these ways can really make or break your weight loss program. So here's a quick weight loss tip: cut out all sugar, and you'll dramatically improve your fat-loss potential. There is no disease or disorder that results from restricting your carbohydrate or sugar intake, so this is the single most low-risk thing you can institute in your quick weight loss program. Just cut out the carbohydrate.

This is because since carbs are fuel, and stored fat is fuel, you are much more likely to burn stored fat quickly when you are not taking in extra fuel. It's simple math. Basic logic. Less fuel in means means more stored fuel out. In the next article or two we'll explore the specifics of how you can apply these quick weight loss tips to your consumption of fat and protein, so that you can eat smart and lose weight without really trying.