Foods High in Iron for Vegetarians

Choosing to be a vegetarian is a special choice that requires a lot of thought when it comes to overall nutrition. It's important to keep balance in mind especially when you are not getting certain elements from animal sources. Vegetarians who are not careful can suffer from certain deficiencies that can compromise their health. Iron deficiency is extremely common and it can lead to extreme fatigue or a pale appearance. Many vegetarians are not aware of the problem because they think it simply a matter of needing more sleep at night. But with less iron in your system, your blood is having a harder time oxygenating your entire body which leads to anemia and the feeling of fatigue. The good news is there are plenty of foods high in iron that vegetarians can enjoy while getting back on track to better health.

Legumes and lentils - chances are beans are a heavy staple of your diet anyways, and they also happen to be a good source of iron as well. This includes lima beans and chickpeas which can be a welcome addition to a variety of vegetarian dishes.

Tofu - almost any product related to soybeans have certain benefits for you and your overall diet. It can come in various forms such as tofu or bean curd, and there are wonderful ways to use these elements in creative cooking. Many dishes with Asian influences use both tofu or bean curd to bring a whole new type of texture and flavor to modern cooking.

Quinoa - perhaps no other element has taken the vegetarian world by storm like Quinoa. There are entire cookbooks dedicated to this wonderful food, and delicious recipes are easily found all over the Internet.

Oatmeal - a great way to start off the day can come in the form of oatmeal that you can combine with fresh fruit as well. Not everybody makes time for breakfast budget be doing yourself a huge favor when you start yourself off with a good energy boost.

Iron enriched cereal - another way to start off the day in a healthy way is to cut to the chase was something that directly contains more iron. The great thing about these types of cereals is they also contain a healthy dose of fiber which will help with everything from digestion to lowering cholesterol.

Tomato Sauce - there's lots to love about tomato sauce especially considering it contains anti-oxidant properties. And in terms of taste, nothing can be a nice hearty tomato sauce especially when you pair it with fresh pasta. This can be a healthy element for any new menu plan especially if you want to get away from a high cholesterol diet.

Spinach - there is a little bit of debate over whether or not people should turn to spinach when it comes to foods high in iron. Some reports claim that it makes it harder for the body to absorb iron, while others still support this in vegetables healthy attributes.

Dried fruits - A healthy way to snack in the middle of the day comes in the form of dried apricots, prunes, or raisins. You can also combine them with nuts and seeds to form your own healthy trail mix that will help to fight off hunger in the middle of the day.