How Relationships Affect Health

As we live in a highly commercialized world where everything has been fast paced and technology has become our primary medium to stay connected with the people that we love, our social relationships may suffer in the process. Establishing positive relationships and surrounding ourselves with people that we love may give us more than just pleasure and companionship, it could be our key to having good health and well being. So for many of you who are pick up artists or a PUA, you may actually reap health benefits from your unending quests for relationships.

Numerous studies have revealed that building social relationships are about as potent as taking vitamins, medication and getting enough rest and exercise and that a lack thereof has been closely associated with depression, degenerative diseases and dementia. A recent study conducted by Harvard showed that the danger of premature death was significantly pulled up to 50% with individuals who are alone or in an abusive relationship, a figure even higher than that of smoking and obesity.

Relief from Stress

Relationships are the best stress suppressors, as being in a blissful partnership actually protects you from being overly affected by stress which causes heart and gastrointestinal problems as well as depression. Scientists also claim that when one is satisfied with his present company, then the body produces more hormones that functions to reduce stress.

Relief from Heart Problems

The age old saying that relationships are good for your heart do actually have scientific basis after all. A scientific study in the University of Texas was conducted to verify the health effects of being in a positive relation to heart health and the study revealed that married individuals recorded a much lower heart scare risk as opposed to those who are single or burdened with an unhappy marriage. It is probably the reason why old people suffer from heart attacks a few months or years after their partner passed away.

Relief from Memory Loss

Believe it or not but happy relationships also have a direct effect on our brain and memory. Conducting an MRI scan of the brain showed that persons in love trigger the brain's neurotransmitters that affect pleasure and one's well being and that a person who feels alone and isolated is will be two times more susceptible to cognitive problems and Alzheimer