Lap Band Surgery Controversy: Should Teens Get Lapband?

Lap band surgery is deemed by many to be a weight loss surgery that is remarkable, while others are stating that this surgery is something that is full of controversy. And just what are people not happy with when it comes to the lapband surgery? They are going to find that the main thing that people argue is that this surgery is starting to be used on those that are younger, meaning under the age of eighteen, which is the age of consent. Thus, their parents are giving the doctor permission to do this for their children. If the child is overweight to the point that this is affecting their health, then why shouldn't the person be allowed to do this? That is the main question that proponents of the lap band surgery on anyone that qualifies by weight and body mass index alone argue.

Those against this state that the child is not yet mature enough to handle everything that comes with this surgery, such as the after care that is required and the strict discipline that is required to make sure that they are taking care of their bodies after this surgery. Which side is right? That is hard to tell as there are doctors that are split on whether this is a proper procedure or not for those that are under the age of eighteen.

Another point of controversy that some people are finding with the lap band surgery is that this surgery is basically starving the person to the point that they have to lose weight. Some suggest that these people are so severely overweight that they have to do this in order to lose weight, otherwise, they could face a fate that is much worse than just losing weight. Those that are against this state that the person becomes weak due to the amount of food that they are getting with this surgery and this is something that is particularity unhealthy.

Whether or not a person should get the lap band surgery really depends on how bad they are wanting to get to a healthy weight. There are those that find this surgery to be something that people should avoid, while other people are quick to point out that this surgery could have saved someone's life because it gets them to a level of a healthy weight. The doctor that the person uses will be able to shine more light on just what the person can expect and they can work together to see if this is a decision that they should make or not.