Lose Weight More Quickly By Eating Fat

Now this one is going to blow your mind a little bit. Because like me, you've probably spent the last several decades hearing about the evils of dietary fat, how it will clog your arteries, ruin your heart, and fatten you up like a calf. That's why it's going to take me a little bit of doing here to convince you of this most ultimate of quick weight loss tips: eating fat can help you lose weight!

Now this comes with one major caveat. Insulin is the chemical that your body uses to signal your cells that it is time to take in the nutrients floating in the bloodstream and do something with them. Insulin is largely triggered by blood sugar, and blood sugar is raised by eating anything that contains carbohydrate. All carbohydrate converts to sugar in your blood.

So if you want to lose weight quick, you're going to have stop eating carbohydrates. That's the plain fact of the matter. However, here is the good thing that will happen to you if you follow that one simple rule during your quick weight loss program:

Insulin tells your cells to absorb nutrients out of your blood and put them into storage. That includes fat. So without the extra insulin in your bloodstream, your cells will not take in the extra fat that you eat and so your dietary fat will not be stored as body fat. There's even more to this quick weight loss story.

Because when there is extra fat in your blood that your cells are not taking in for storage, so you know what happens to it? It signals your body that there is plenty of extra energy to burn, and so your entire body's metabolism increases. You go into an intense energy-wasting mode that will cause you to burn up the extra fat that you have eaten. And the metabolic advantage of this type of quick weight loss diet does not end when you are out of fat from your meal.

Without all the insulin putting your cells into hoarding-mode, they are like wide-open gates, with all of their stored-up fat ready to be harvested. So now that your metabolism has been kicked into high gear, and your cells are wide open for business, you are in full-fledged quick fat-burning mode. And you will continue to burn fat this way until your reserves are empty. You can easily spike your metabolism by eating a nice, fatty meal, as long as it has no carbohydrates or sugars. That is absolutely critical. So go ahead and have yourself a nice marbled ribeye steak, broiled with plenty of butter, and a nice crisp side salad with extra olive oil and vinegar. You will lose weight quick.