Use Oregano Oil to Maintain Healthy Digestion

Embarking on any weight loss diet means making major changes in your body, and will most likely involve a significant change to your diet generally. Experiences of digestive health problems as a result of embarking on a weight loss diet are not uncommon and it can be difficult to know what to do other than grin and bear it.

One natural, healthy solution is to use oregano oil as a supplement during the diet. Not to be confused with oregano infused olive oil, essential oregano oil is a natural health supplement that helps maintain good digestive health by promoting the growth of gut flora. Gut flora is the collective term for the millions of microbial organisms that reside in a healthy human gut. Although we can digest without gut flora, we enjoy a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship. Abundant gut flora has been shown to help digestion in general and to improve our processing of vitamins in the food we eat.

It is important to note however that oregano oil is also a powerful anti-bacterial with the unfortunate corollary that the now infamous