Protein Powders for Weight Loss

Protein powders are a great asset to a quick weight loss program for several grounded reasons. Protein is essential to good health and well-being. We need it for proper energy levels and stamina in our daily lives, including the stamina to uphold weight loss efforts. It is also important to note that every single one of the trillions of cells in our bodies need the amino acids delivered by the protein that we eat to maintain their basic structures. We would literally fall apart without protein!

All to often diet plans involve eating less protein foods like meat with more emphasis on vegetables and low-fat products. Many protein food sources contain fat too, giving them a bad wrap as non-diet foods. While of course, there are many protein sources that are high in fats, such as dairy products, non-lean red meats and oily fish (even if the fats in oily fish are healthy!) there are some healthier alternatives, too. But, of course, who wants to eat the dreaded low-fat and non-fat cottage cheese!

The great news is that protein powders are now available in many varieties that are excellent additions to any diet program. In fact, the sales of protein powders for dieting purposes have rocketed over the past 5 years. Protein powders are now longer seen as just body-building and athletic performance enhancing supplements only.

Of all the protein powders available, whey protein isolate has become a clear dieting favorite, and for good reasons. Whey protein isolate is a very pure form of whey protein (whey is extracted from cow's milk) that contains very little, or even no fats or sugars. Any whey protein isolate product is between 90 - 100% protein, making it perfect for low carb diets, and almost any kind of diet. Protein has distinct advantage over fats and carbohydrates in that it take more energy (calories) just to digest it. Protein also takes longer to digest, this increases satiety and helps to maintain even blood sugar levels, therefore helping to reduce hunger pangs.

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