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The Ten Best Foods for Your Heart

With so many food choices out there it is hard to know which are the best options. Here is a list of ten fat burning foods that are extremely good for your heart health and will also help you to achieve quick weight loss. 1. Oatmeal This whole grain is full of omega-3 fatty acids, [...]

Best Fruit and Vegetable Colors for Health

Eating healthy food is important for a long and healthy life.

The Complete Beck Diet For Life – How It Works

The Beck Diet for Life is a book with the word “Diet” in the title but it really isn’t a diet? Written by Judith Beck, daughter of Aaron Beck the father of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Beck discusses how to solve problems through setting goals and changing the way the reader thinks about weight loss. Those [...]

Good Low Fat Diet Plans

Statistics indicate that more than fifty percent of the population in the developed world is obese or overweight. This maybe attribute in part to poor eating lifestyles characterized with fast foods and high levels of dietary fats in their day-day meals. Most people do not understand the effect of unnecessary fats and lipids in their [...]

Lower Cholesterol Diet Exercise Regimen


Celiac Gluten Intolerance Diet

A huge variety of negative gastrointestinal symptoms are caused by hidden allergies to gluten, the type of protein found in wheat, rye, and barley.

Healthy Takeout Options – Rules For Ordering Out On A Diet

You don’t have to avoid ordering out or eating at a restaurant when you are on a diet or when you are watching your figure. All you need is to know what food to avoid and what to choose from, and to be mindful of what’s in it. That’s not always as easy as it [...]

How To Lose Christmas Pounds

Oh Christmas pounds, Oh Christmas pounds, How tight you make my waistline… Tis the season to start rethinking our dietary habits once again, after a long holiday season of stuffing our faces with delectable dishes and packing on pounds. Egg nog, fruitcake, figgy pudding, cakes, pies, Christmas cookies. All these wonderful and festive holiday delights [...]


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