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Liposuction After Pregnancy

For most women, pregnancy is an absolutely beautiful experience. What can be more amazing and joyful than creating and bringing life into this world? Unfortunately, the effects of pregnancy on your body shape aren’t always so beautiful. During pregnancy, your body changes drastically. You will experience several physical changes during and after pregnancy. While pregnant, [...]

The Dangers of Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the industry today. It provides quick weight loss for those problem areas that make you feel less attractive. Many are attracted to the procedure because of this prospect, and are willing to jump in and get the procedure done, despite relatively high liposuction prices. [...]

What You Should Know Before Liposuction

Many people have plenty of unwanted fat that they would want to get rid of; whether they are love handles, double chins, double tummies, or fat hips. To obtain a leaner body, liposuction has developed into a fast, easy, and very affordable way to achieve this goal. Still, jumping into having liposuction without knowing some [...]

Average Cost of Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction sounded like an exotic quick fix when it first arrived on the market. It was extremely expensive and so only available to the terminally wealthy. This led to rampant tabloid coverage of the various celebrity liposuction disasters. Even in recent times, tragedies such as the death of Kanye West’s mother on account of lipo [...]

Laser Lipo Vs Traditional Liposuction Risks

The relatively recent development of laser liposuction as a viable method of fat removal by the way of power assisted suction tools has offers patients and surgeons a new perspective on liposuction surgery as a whole. Now there is a way to treat very small areas of fat and sculpt the body parts in a [...]

Liposuction Price List

A lot of people who would jump at the chance to get liposuction never get past the first step, which is just finding a liposuction price list so they can get a good idea of the total cost that will be involved. This is especially insurance because if you’re woondering “does insurance cover liposuction?” unfortunately [...]

Liposoft – Better Than Traditional Liposuction

Liposuction is the third most popular surgical procedure in the US, and the sixth most popular procedure in the UK.

Intro to Laser Lipo Surgery

Laser Lipo Surgery has gained rabid popularity over the last few years, as it is safer and faster than traditional liposuction. In this article we will introduce you to some of the basics of laser liposuction: its benefits, risks, and how to determine whether you might be a good candidate for laser lipo procedures. Ultimately, [...]

What To Expect During Laser Liposuction Recovery

Laser liposuction has quickly become the preference for fat removal for both patients and surgeons. The new age procedure is safer, offers better results, and the recovery time is often cuts recovery time to fractions. Even though the recovery time is much shorter than with other liposuction procedures, patients still need to schedule a certain [...]


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