How To Do A Total Body Cleanse Diet

So-called total body cleanse diets are the latest fad dieting scheme. It is nothing new, but actually rehashing two previous fads: the juice fast and the fiber laxative. Each of these have their potential benefits and also potential risks, and you have to take both into account before you begin any kind of body cleansing diet. You also have to look at the variety of different ways that there are to go about cleansing the body.

We've talked about fasting for weight loss before on Dietzilla, generally in a negative light. However, fasting does have its place in a health-restoring regimen and can be useful as long as you know what you're doing and why. For example, taking extra protein in your juices to prevent muscle loss. We take a dimmer view of fiber laxatives, as these generally cause more harm than good. There is some limited evidence that they may worsen irritable bowels and very little evidence that they may help anything. Regardless, you doctor may recommend them if he or she thinks they might be right for you. The moral of the story is to pay attention to medical advice.

Definitely pay attention to what type of total cleanse guide you are paying attention to. There are promotions, products, manufacturers, advertisers, all of who want to sell you products or programs designed to cleanse your body. But there are a lot of different options and who's to say which of them will work?. Most people fail or realize that there are both natural methods in which you can completely cleanse your body and your digestive system and there are also prepackaged methods as well, some of which actually do work while others simply do not. You have to make sure that you do your due diligence and see which type of method you believe will be best for you before making any concrete decision in going forward with the decision to do a total body cleanse and improve your overall health.

A natural total cleanse method is often done through the use of juicing or juice fasting. Juicing for your health essentially entails eating a relatively raw diet of mostly organic produce along with nuts and whole grains as well. Consuming lots of fresh water along with freshly made juices from vegetables and fruits is also a crucial part of this method. A juice fast is a bit more extreme and involves simply surviving off of large amounts of vegetable and fruit juice alone without any solid food. Be sure to drink plenty fresh and purified water too, either through a water filtering system or through the purchase of high quality prepackaged water, most often be found in bottled form.

The "prepackaged cleansing" method can be done through a variety of different means simply on the basis that there are so many different products available on the market that tend to tackle different illnesses and ailments. Most people's goals are typically to lose weight and improve the overall sluggish feeling that they have within their bodies. Most prepackaged and natural cleansing methods tend to focus on these two particular problems and even when they don't, a common byproduct of cleaning up the body and improving digestion often is weight loss and improved mental clarity.

Regardless, you have to be wary of anything that is purporting to be cleansing and what types of adverse effects you might experience. If you are fasting to lose weight, expect to lose muscle mass and plan to compensate for this. Take protein supplements if you can. If you are taking "cleansing" fiber supplements, understand that there is little medical evidence that this type of intervention is safe in the long term. Remember to consult your physician before making any changes to your diet.