Introduction to Rosacea: Symptoms, Triggers, Possible Causes, and Treatments

Rosacea is a chronic health condition that is characterized by facial redness. Sometimes, severe pimples are also considered as rosacea. This is a harmless health condition until it affects the eyes. Normally, topical medicines are preferred to treat this cosmetic condition. This condition is seen more often in women, but of course it affects both sexes.

This redness first starts around the nose, cheeks, or forehead and sometimes spread to neck, ears, chest, and scalp. Other symptoms include burning sensations, papules, red lobulated nose, and pustules. There are four different subtypes of infection. Mostly, the patients are likely to develop more than one type at a time and each type has different symptoms.

The causes for this condition are many. Recently studies have shown that the increase level of peptide cathelicidin and stratum corneum are the main reasons for the occurrence of this illness. The intestinal bacteria are also another cause for this infection and the patients with these symptoms are advised to take reduced carbohydrate diet. The more consumption of processed sugar can also lead to this skin infection.

People with steroid induced infection have large number of mites and this causes rosacea along with other health conditions. Exposing the skin to different level of weather conditions can also cause the cosmetic condition. Other causes include continuous exposure to sunlight, stress, heat, cold wind, heavy exercise, and anxiety.

Even some drinks and foods causes the infection and they are alcohol, coffee, and spicy foods. Certain topical creams and medicines also trigger this condition. Recent analysis show that certain wrinkle and acne products causes rosacea and this cream should not be immediately and therefore, gradually this need to be stopped. Today, there are many new rosacea treatments available to treat these symptpms. However, one should begin use of such treatments only after consulting with their physician.