How to Naturally Overcome Depression with Yoga and Meditation

I want to make sure to address the subject of how to overcome depression naturally. The reason for this is that as we try to maintain the highest possible quality of life, having depression symptoms, greatly reduces our overall health and well-being. This article addresses depression related symptoms.

When I was young, a member of my family was diagnosed with depression. Over time, I researched various natural therapies for battling depression. I am glad to say, that it is possible to treat depression holistically without prescription medication. This is based on years of observation and research.

Statistics from National Institute for mental health state that fifty eight million people in the America are suffering from depression. Depression is generally caused from one or more of the following causes. Heredity, chemical dependency, major illness and life changes. This results in the imbalance of chemicals in the brain.

There are inherent dangers in relying on prescription medication to deal with depression. In this post, I explore alternative therapies that are based on natural supplements, yoga, meditation and other lifestyle changes to combat depression and it's symptoms. This is a highly preferable alternative to the side effects of chemical prescriptions.

The natural supplements that are available today are better researched, have a proven track record and are manufactured in controlled environments. These supplements work by normalizing the chemicals in the brain such as Dopamine, GABA and Norepinephrine. This results in a reduced feeling of depression, and leads to a higher quality of life.

Meditation and Yoga practices have been around for a millennia. There is now scientific evidence that these practices are perfectly suited for creating peace and tranquility in the mind by creating a healthy shift in the brain activity. Dopamine, GABA, Norepinephrine are some of the biochemicals that get balanced out. Meditation and Yoga also serve well to bring overall balance and health to the body. They are highly recommended for treating symptoms of depression. Author recommends experimenting with Zen or Vipassana meditation and Bikram and Hatha yoga styles.

We must not forget to maintain a good diet and enough rest. Americans are generally under-rested and this may be a source of many health issues. Allowing yourself at least 8 hours of sleep each night, will greatly improve your mood and your overall health. This paired with a balanced diet, will help you to nourish and maintain healthy organs including the brain.

As you take care of your whole body, you will find that your general health will improve. In addition to the things we spoke of above, give yourself time to reflect on your life, tune into yourself and you will intuitively know what you need for maintaining your health. In the meantime, do not write off the idea of seeing a counselor. Therapy for depression can be very effective if you have a sensitive and open-minded therapist -- here's one in Manhattan Beach, CA.