What You Should Know Before Liposuction

Many people have plenty of unwanted fat that they would want to get rid of; whether they are love handles, double chins, double tummies, or fat hips. To obtain a leaner body, liposuction has developed into a fast, easy, and very affordable way to achieve this goal. Still, jumping into having liposuction without knowing some important facts about this procedure is not a good idea at all. So, here is a short list of facts that everyone should know before deciding to undergo liposuction.

Unknown to many, liposuction procedures such as stomach liposuction have become an outpatient procedure not requiring an overnight stay in the hospital. A liposuction on the stomach can be done in your plastic surgeon's office. The usual procedure often takes less than three hours and you can go home to recover after. This definitely is an enormous leap from just a few decades ago.

For most people, the procedure produces very little pain or none at all. Most report only a feeling of their skin being pulled or tugged. Sometimes there is a slight stinging sensation, but this is very minimal at most. Many patients return to work fully recovered just after a single day of rest. While some people may return for a "touch up treatment", many patients only need one procedure to treat a particular area of the body.

Immediately after the procedure, one may see right away the results of the liposuction. In cases where a lot of fat had been removed, the skin may be loose after the procedure. This looseness will typically tighten up within three months. The body should be given its time to heal and adapt to its new shape. In some rare cases, the final result may not be apparent until a period of one year.

Modern liposuction is now a quick procedure that costs less, takes minimal time out to recover, and offers better quality results in body sculpting never before possible. The procedure has become an excellent option in removing body fat from places where it stubbornly remains despite hours and hours in the gym and months upon months of dieting. Advances in medicine have allowed today's surgeons to become sculptors, reshaping our bodies with pinpoint accuracy to a more beautiful and desirable shape. You can now have your ankles reduced, the back of your knees reduced, and your double chins disappear. You can now say good-bye to you double tummy, love handles, and fat hips.