Laser Lipo Vs Traditional Liposuction Risks

The relatively recent development of laser liposuction as a viable method of fat removal by the way of power assisted suction tools has offers patients and surgeons a new perspective on liposuction surgery as a whole. Now there is a way to treat very small areas of fat and sculpt the body parts in a more detailed manner than ever before. However, because this powerful technique is so new, there is little way for the average consumer to fully understand the risks of laser liposuction compared with regular liposuction. This article will help to bridge that gap in knowledge by explaining the differences in the two procedures and the medical implications of those differences.

It also has greatly reduced many of the common risks and side effects that are often associated with any liposuction procedure. Now there is reduced risk of scarring which is especially important for more delicate procedures like chin liposuction.

Though laser lipo procedures are be considerably less invasive than regular liposculpture, it is still a surgical procedure and therefore is subject to risks associated with surgeries as well as risks specific to liposuction. During these procedures, the most usual risks and complications are bruising, the chance of infection, hematoma, and scarring.

Excessive blood loss is one particular complication of traditional liposuction that has been largely eliminated by utilization of the laser technique. In very rare cases, laser liposuction poses its own unique threat due to the use of the laser. Leaving the laser in one area of the skin for too long can actually cause a burn. Once again this is a very rare possibility and requires a distracted or otherwise incompetent surgeon for this problem to transpire.

The great thing about laser liposuction is that it reduces the amount of trauma caused to surrounding tissue where the treatment is being performed. This means that with less damage the recovery is quicker and often much less painful compared to other methods of liposuction. Most patients can expect to have low to moderate pain combined with soreness for the first 1 to 2 days after this kind of lipo procedures, and as a rule patients can go back to their job in 24 hours.