Juice Fasting for Weight Loss

Juice fasting for weight loss, in my opinion, will become increasingly popular as the detox diet fads begin to fade. Juicing is a very good way of providing the body with a lot of nutrition in a very efficient manner. Since the minerals, vitamins and micro nutrients are not locked up in solid particles it is much easier for the body to absorb these things as it passes through the digestive system. You can also give your digestive tract a break from dealing with all the fiber and other irritants that are constantly being put into your body.

But juicing is not enough if it is not done in a conscious manner. It is easy to consume too much fruit juice; you'll quickly find that its high sugar content prevents you from losing weight efficiently. You want to focus on high-nutrient, low-sugar vegetable juices. I recommend also adding good quality whey protein into your fresh vegetable juices in order to help you maintain muscle mass. That is a major danger of juice fasting, that is easily overcome by just making sure you get 100 grams of protein each day along with your juice.

Of course you might imagine that after the first week or two you could get bored with vegetable juice. Seek out a good source of vegetable juicer recipes to help you keep things fresh. Almost any recipe that includes natural, low-sugar ingredients without the contamination of pesticides and chemical fertilizers are healthy juicer recipes.

It is up to the individual to remember to constantly mix up the recipes and use different ingredients so that the body is fed a well rounded assortment of vitamins and minerals. Vegetable juicing is an important part of a balanced juicing diet because it offers some nutrition that you cannot get from fruits. One of the biggest benefits, especially with leafy green vegetables, is the ability to help balance blood sugar levels which is definitely a good thing for those who love fruit juice.

On average, vegetable juice also contains about half the calories of fruit juice while helping the body feel full. This is a great strategy for anyone who is trying to cut calories and lose weight without forcing themselves to starve. One important thing to note is that most root vegetables such as carrots and beets are high in sugar as well. The best ingredients are leafy greens which might be an acquired taste but is definitely worth the initial effort.

Also err on the side of safety and talk to your doctor or a nutritionist before making major alterations to your diet especially if you have specific dietary demands. Juice fasting for weight loss can be difficult for some who have trouble maintaining their blood sugar, but this will generally even itself out after a few days if you just make sure to drink some fresh juice any time you feel faint.