My Experience With B12 Injections Due to a Deficiency

Not too long ago I turned into a vegan. I did it not because of health reasons (I am not sure in the viability of 'The China Study', as I find it to have major statistical flaws, logically), but for ethical reasons. You see, I had grown in a farm somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Greece. Although my family always followed the Mediterranean diet religiously (not knowing of course, it is just the way it is right here), I chose to stay away from the path of dead fish and yummy cheese, a few years ago.

Why Did You Turn Into a Vegan ?

It all happened when I went fishing with my dad. He caught a big Tilapia, and I could not stand the suffering I saw in the eyes of this poor fish. It was flipping back and forth helplessness, and I put it back in the water immediately. Since then, my life has changed, and so did my blood B12 levels.

What Next ?

6 months after turning into a vegan, I had to go through a blood test, advised by my doctor. He found me to be deficient in vitamin B12, and recommended me (forced me would be more accurate) to go through a series of vitamin B12 injections. I agreed, and I went through a series of 14 shots in 3 weeks. It was painful at first, but I got used to injecting b12 as time went by. I am now fully recovered from my deficiency but make sure to take my sub lingual tablets every day.