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Laser Liposuction Prices Explained

Laser liposuction offers several improvements to traditional liposuction techniques. This is especially true in terms of the risks and severity of side effects. But one area that might be harder to pin point the difference is in the final cost of the procedure. When it comes to liposuction prices there are several factors that influence [...]

Types of Liposuction

There are various categories of liposuction techniques that a surgeon can use for the medical removal of excess fat. Depending on how invasive you want the surgery to be and the reasons for considering liposuction to begin with, you can choose the different techniques you want to use. For example, some techniques may be more [...]

Average Cost of Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction sounded like an exotic quick fix when it first arrived on the market. It was extremely expensive and so only available to the terminally wealthy. This led to rampant tabloid coverage of the various celebrity liposuction disasters. Even in recent times, tragedies such as the death of Kanye West’s mother on account of lipo [...]

Laser Lipo Vs Traditional Liposuction Risks

The relatively recent development of laser liposuction as a viable method of fat removal by the way of power assisted suction tools has offers patients and surgeons a new perspective on liposuction surgery as a whole. Now there is a way to treat very small areas of fat and sculpt the body parts in a [...]


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