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Plastic Surgery After Gastric Bypass

Not all fat people are obese. Only those who have Body Mass Index (BMI) of more than 40 are considered obese already and you are certainly at risk of obesity health related diseases which includes coronary heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. Gastric Bypass surgery is the most practical way to deal with the situation, in [...]

Gastric Bypass Plastic Surgery

For the record over 145,000 people had gastric bypass in the year 2004, it has a considerable increase of over 47,000 since year 2001 and this figures only reflects patients from United States alone. With this figure it only shows that even if Gastric Bypass surgery is just new in the medical field yet it [...]

Gastric Balloon

Excess fats can be very frustrating and not only that but it is detrimental to your health too. Being obese can bring about other diseases which pose great risk to your health. Most individuals are having a hard time losing these excess fats in the body and trying out ever new weight loss programs that [...]

Gastric Bypass Surgery Statistics

The increasing number of obese individual is quite overwhelming. For the record, twelve percent American adults were found obese in the year 1991 and eight percent increase in just ten years time. In fact the American Medical Association has in their records about 208,000 deaths of morbidly obese people due to obesity related problems like [...]

Gastric Bypass Cost

Gastric Bypass is the best way to deal with obesity. It is a permanent way of losing weight thus morbid obesity is avoided. It brings about a lot of health advantages to obese people. In fact it is life changing. Unfortunately, Gastric Bypass cost is higher than many can afford, which is why a lot [...]

Gastric Bypass Surgery Price

Excess fat is one problem that both men and women face today. What is worst is that it can bring about lots of complications like Diabetes, Coronary Heart Diseases and more. That is why people who are overweight resort to different weight loss program, some work fine but most of them doesn


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