Plastic Surgery After Gastric Bypass

Not all fat people are obese. Only those who have Body Mass Index (BMI) of more than 40 are considered obese already and you are certainly at risk of obesity health related diseases which includes coronary heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.

Gastric Bypass surgery is the most practical way to deal with the situation, in spite of some of the gastric bypass surgery statistics you may hear. With the surgery you literally get a new digestive system where your stomach as well as your small intestine is decrease into small size thus decreasing its capacity to process food making you lose weight naturally.

Reports showed that most patients do see a significant decrease of weight right after gastric bypass surgery. But be aware that the gastric bypass surgery price may not be the only cost you incur. On top of the gastric bypass cost, there are also additional treatments that also become necessary.

For example, massive decrease of weight brings another problem and that is hanging skin. The skin does not shrink back as fast as the body losses those excess fats thus plastic surgery after gastric bypass surgery so as to repair the hanging skin that you have in certain parts of your body. Check bellow the most popular gastric bypass plastic surgery options.

Lower Body Lift After Gastric Bypass

The abdomen is where you will see most of the excess skin and the cosmetic surgery that is involve in this is the Tummy tuck or the lower body lift where it removes excess fats in the waist giving you a firm and flat stomach. You can also get your hips, thighs and buttocks done simultaneously with your tummy tuck surgery.

Arm Lift After Weight Loss Surgery

Another area of concern after Gastric Bypass surgery is the arm. Most patients get loose skin in the arms after losing weight so much. It is indeed not a very good sight to see so that they often seek cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin. The arm lift usually works by making an incision in the underside of the upper arm and removes some of the excess skin. It definitely gives your arm a new look and shape that you want.

Thigh Lift/Butt Lift Following Surgical Weight Loss

Another part of the body that is much affected by massive weight loss is the thighs and buttocks. Procedure for such surgery is just the same with that of arm lift. With the buttocks it involves lifting and re shaping the butt.

Breast Lift Following Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Surgery

Like other parts of the body which loses its excess fats after gastric bypass surgery, the breast also lost most of these excess fats so that you are face with the problem of droopy breast. This can be remedied through breast lift where it is restored to its previous shape or even more enhance now.

It is therefore a must that you undergo cosmetic surgery after you have your Gastric Bypass surgery. It would certainly complete the package that is losing all those unwanted fats in parts of your body and repairing and reshaping your body to a new you.