Gastric Bypass Plastic Surgery

For the record over 145,000 people had gastric bypass in the year 2004, it has a considerable increase of over 47,000 since year 2001 and this figures only reflects patients from United States alone. With this figure it only shows that even if Gastric Bypass surgery is just new in the medical field yet it has established its ground and is becoming popular worldwide. Some of the gastric bypass surgery statistics are alarming, but have not impeded its increase in popularity.

Gastric Bypass surgery has become popular among people who have problem losing weight most especially to those people who are considered obese already. So far results are positive with those who undergone the surgery but the problem of loose skin comes. That is why body contouring or cosmetic plastic surgery is really needed after the gastric bypass surgery. This is often referred to as gastric bypass plastic surgery. It is the only option for you to get your skin tight and firm again.

Indeed body contouring or plastic surgery after gastric bypass surgery can be essential to achieve the look that you initially set out to achieve. The problem with hanging skin after huge weight lost can only be addressed by cosmetic surgery. Such procedures can repair certain parts of the body that will most likely show excess skin like the tummy, buttocks, thighs, arms and even the breast.

To help the skin tighten back, patients wore a body shaping garments right after the gastric bypass surgery. It is worn in areas where you will most likely lose your fats like in the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Despite this effort most patients still have a problem with sagging skin afterwards that is why body contouring or cosmetic surgery is needed after gastric bypass surgery.

One of the most common cosmetic surgeries that gastric bypass patients go for is the tummy tuck where it involves cutting of excess skin in the stomach area giving you a firmer and flat tummy afterwards. The only proof of the surgery is the scar from the incision made. But even that is tolerable than the loose skin that you have in your stomach.

Another procedure often done after gastric bypass is the liposuction. This procedure usually removes fats in small areas of the body like the chin. Most often lose weight is most concentrated in certain parts of the body like the stomach, thighs, buttocks, hips and even breast. Areas that does not lose its excess fats is the target for liposuction which often includes the chin.

Thus body contouring or cosmetic surgery is an essential procedure to undergo after having gastric bypass surgery. It takes care of how you look while the gastric bypass surgery takes care of your health by making you lose the excess fats that you have in your body. These two procedures is definitely a must and must go hand in hand for you to achieve a healthy and beautiful you. Keep in mind, however, that the high initial gastric bypass cost can make it difficult to afford additional surgeries. Be sure to keep track of all the gastric bypass surgery price, nutrition counseling, exercise, and plastic surgery costs in advance when you are planning out your course to increase beauty, health, and vitality.