What To Expect After Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure where unwanted body fat tissue is suctioned out using a cannula. It is normal that the patient experiences unusual changes and feelings days (or even months) after the surgery. Let's discuss these normal changes we can expect after liposuction and what we can do to help speed up the recovery and remain healthy at the same time.

After undergoing liposuction, it is not unusual to go through pain, at least for the first 7-14 days after surgery, observe moderate secretions from the wound, see swelling for about 2 weeks, which may last up to 8 weeks, and experience bruising with numbness which may not subside until 14 days has gone past. Not to worry, I will give you a brief and simple guide you can follow to help alleviate these usual (but nonetheless troublesome) ailments.

To manage the pain, you can purchase non-prescription analgesics or have a more potent one prescribed by your surgeon. You will have to take the analgesics for 2-14 days. It depends on your pain threshold. To deal with bruising and swelling, you will be prescribed compression garments which you will be required to wear on the operative area. Your doctor may ask you to use them for a period of at least a few days and at most a few weeks. It is imperative that you follow the duration requested by your doctor in wearing these garments. Compression garments reduce swelling by keeping your wounds in place. To complement this therapy, your physician will be asking you to drink anti-inflammatory medicine to aid in the reduction of swelling.

Another way to help relieve swelling is to visit a massage therapist who has lymphatic drainage massage as his or her specialty. The therapist facilitates this by draining the excess lymphatic fluid, which will help reduce the swelling. Make sure to ask your doctor if getting a massage is okay for your case.

Always remember that you should not apply heating pads or ice-packs on your wounds after liposuction. When taking a bath, use a regular shower. Avoid tubs, Jacuzzis, the beach or swimming pools in order to prevent infection. Finally, eat a nutritious diet and lots of liquids. Don't forget your surgeon's reminders after the liposuction surgery. Don't hesitate to contact him if anything unusual occurs.

If your recovery goes smoothly, you will be able to appreciate the best results 6 months after surgery.

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