Fad or Fact: Melt It Workout DVD and Perfect Pushups

With the sheer volume of fast food consumed on a day to day basis, it is unsurprising that a large number of people the world over want to know more about how to lose excess fat. These are two products aiding individuals in their weight loss goal but do these products actually work as well as they claim to do? Let us find out.

Perfect Pushups Review:

Perfect Pushups is effective for improving an exercise regularly performed at the gym - the pushup. The pushup is considered a standard workout that involves all the body's main muscle groups. It tackles both the inner walls and the muscles of the body. The pushup can be performed in the absence of equipment, meaning that little floor space is required to accomplish this simple exercise. The Perfect Pushup is a simple piece of equipment - it consists of a hand grip which the individual holds onto while performing the pushup motion. The Perfect Pushup allows for a twisting action which will result in muscle tone development in a shorter space of time. Hence, results are seen quickly. For the small price of $39.99, the Perfect Pushup may be simple in design but it will withstand years of regular use. Frequent use of the product should aid weight loss and muscle toning in little time.

Melt it Off Workout:

Melt it Off Workout proves the perfect total package workout plan. The program, developed by Mitch Gaylord, an Olympic gold medalist, includes a full course on nutrition - how to eat and what to eat - in addition to recipes to create the food promoted. Additionally, it comes complete with a G-ball plus workout DVD featuring detailed instructions on exercises designed to challenge the whole body. It also features 30 days' fat burner. The system boasts an excellent philosophy of nutrition and exercise yet does not teach you anything you do not already know. Furthermore, the cost of the system is expensive. The program offers individuals with the option of a 30 day return but several people report problems with receiving refunds. A more effective route for those wishing to lose weight is to exercise regularly and start on a diet. You would be better placed to save your money when it comes to purchasing a product of this kind.