Planks: An Excellent Muscle Building Exercise

Having a healthy and an active lifestyle is more important than ever. One will live a longer life that is of a higher quality if excellent health is maintained. A great way to do so is with a decent muscle building exercise.

In order to build up muscle, it must be damaged. This occurs from lactic acid buildup, it signals muscles to get stronger and denser. This is the burn that many athletes speak of when referring to weight lifting.

One does not need to purchase expensive workout equipment or travel to a gym. There are many muscle building exercises one can do from home. Some of the best routines build up the core muscle groups. These include the abdominal muscles, chest, back, and shoulders. Planks are a great way to workout this muscle grouping. They also require no equipment to perform, and take up little room.

Find a space on the floor where one can lay flat on the stomach. Bring the arms into a push up position with the hands planted flat on the ground. The feet should be planted on the balls with the toes down. This is the same position one would be in to perform a push up. Instead of pushing all the way up, stop with the arms at a ninety-degree angle. Be sure to keep the back straight. Hold this position as long as possible. Thirty seconds is a good starting goal.

If one cannot perform a plank from a push up position, instead of planting the hands the forearms can be used. Angle the arms so a triangle is formed, this will provide an easier base. As this becomes easier, attempt the full-length plank in shortly timed intervals.

Incorporating a muscle building exercise into one's routine can have excellent affects. One will be stronger, feel better, and look better. With consistent application, results should be seen fairly soon.