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The 3 Ways That Green Tea Weight Loss Works

Are the claims for green tea weight loss really true? The answer is an emphatic yes! Not just proven to deliver many wonderful health benefits, drinking green tea has been proven by many studies to help us lose weight and burn off some fat. And here is the 3 reasons why. First, green tea is [...]

Can You Lose Weight With Green Tea?

Today many people are frustrated because they seem to be unable to lose weight at the rate that they would like to. Usually their expectations are too high, but there are ways that you can boost the speed at which you are shedding pounds. The biggest problem usually is that the diet isn’t completely under [...]

Green Tea Weight Loss

Over the past few decades the benefits of green tea have exploded in the media, with the substance and its derivatives being touted as a cure for aging, cancer, and as a diet aid. Green tea for weight loss is probably the newest of the many virtues held up for this asian staple, and the [...]


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