Can You Lose Weight With Green Tea?

Today many people are frustrated because they seem to be unable to lose weight at the rate that they would like to. Usually their expectations are too high, but there are ways that you can boost the speed at which you are shedding pounds. The biggest problem usually is that the diet isn't completely under control, and the person looking to get fit doesn't do enough exercise - this will usually lead to an unsatisfactory end result, and binge eating. Many people try weight loss supplements before they actually try to fix their lifestyle, even though it should be done the other way around.

One very popular supplement these days is green tea - or EGCG capsules. These are extracts of the green tea plan, and they have usually been processed so that the supplement contains a maximal amount of epigallocatechin 3-gallate which is the compound behind the boosted weight loss. There are many green tea weight loss studies and there are more coming on a regular basis. Most of them consist of a sufficient amount of test subjects and are done properly according to the standards of high quality scientific testing. Since almost all of them show the potential of green tea as a weight loss agent, there remains no doubt of it's power.

Normally people think that it is the tea form which is the strongest, though in many cases the EGCG capsules contain an amount that is comparable to many cups of green tea during the day. This means that by consuming one capsule three times a day - with breakfast, lunch and dinner - you can get the same benefits as you would get from drinking multiple cups of tea during the day. The problem is that many people have stomach pains and nausea with these strong capsules, and that is why it is recommended to take them with meals. A good amount of EGCG would be 200mg three times a day, to help your body oxidize triglyserides at a decent rate.

You should not forget about the health benefits though. Even if green tea has been shown to improve weight loss, the most exciting results have been found in studies that were trying to find out the health benefits of this product. Since it is a strong antioxidant it has been shown to notably decrease the risk for different cancers but also heart disease. Even just drinking a few cups a day has been shown to reduce the amount of LDL cholesterol and reduce unwanted blood clotting. When you add this to the health benefits of weight loss, you are looking at a very exciting product!