The 3 Ways That Green Tea Weight Loss Works

Are the claims for green tea weight loss really true? The answer is an emphatic yes! Not just proven to deliver many wonderful health benefits, drinking green tea has been proven by many studies to help us lose weight and burn off some fat. And here is the 3 reasons why.

First, green tea is a natural appetite suppressant, that has zero side effects. This suppression is due to the effect green tea has upon carbohydrate digestion and the subsequent release of sugar into our blood stream from the food we eat. Scientists discovered that green tea actually slows down the rate at which amylase, a carbohydrate digestive enzyme, breaks down carbohydrates into sugar. The result is a more even supply of energy to the body, helping to curb hunger pangs and food cravings. This slow release of sugar also make green tea a great choice for diabetics who are looking to manage their symptoms naturally.

The second way that green tea weight loss works is through its ability to improve alertness, focus and concentration. Green tea helps to reduce stress hormones from being released into our bodies and therefore helps to balance out the waxes and wanes of mental and emotional energy and concentration throughout the day. Clearly this is a great advantage to aid ones will power during any weight loss program. Additionally, stress hormones increase the amount of fat that is deposited onto our abdomens!

The third and most important way that green tea weight loss works is through its ability to increase our metabolism. Researchers found that the powerful antioxidants in green tea somehow increase our metabolic rate by as much as 4% each day, and with no negative side effects. An extra 4% converts to an extra 80 calories burned each day! However, to get this effect we need to drink 5 cups of green tea each day. This is not possible for everybody, but there is a great alternative - green tea extract capsules. These capsules are green tea in condensed form and are just as effective at helping us to lose weight as drinking green tea. In fact, green tea extract is one of the top selling weight loss supplements on the market.

An important point to consider when drinking green tea is that the way we prepare can increase our quick weight loss effects. To learn more about this visit brewing green tea.