The Use of HCG for Weight Loss

People have been using the hormone HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) to assist them with their weight loss goals since the early 1950. The protocol was first discovered by an Italian doctor by the name of Dr. Simeons. He published the results of his work and discoveries in a self-published booklet in 1954. Since then thousands of people have tried the system and found the results to be both fast and amazing.

The basic protocol is a series of HCG injections or drops combined with a very low calorie (VLC) diet. The foods that can be injested are also very specific. Oil is completely eliminated during the diet and even topical oils such as shampoo's, conditioners and oil based makeups are not allowed. The use of HCG and the strict diet must be used for a minimum of 23 days but no more than 45 days. During this time the patient will lose on average 1 pound of fat a day. It should be noted that after the initial loss of water, the weight that the patient dieter loses is virtually all from adipose fat stores. The lost of adipose fat only is what reshapes the patients body in a profound and striking way. In 45 days, the change in shape can be quite amazing!

The diet is very simple. 2 apples a day. 2 bread sticks or Melba toasts a day. A lunch of no more than 100 gms of lean meat such as chicken breast or turkey breast and an assortment of vegetables which can be eaten in virtually unlimited quantities. The same meal plan is followed for super. No oils, fats, sugars or starches of any kind are allowed during this phase of the diet. While this basic diet is composed of approximately 500 calories, the dieter must not try to substitute other foods even though they are staying under the 500 calorie limit. The food combinations are also important to stay on track.

While this type of quick weight loss sounds extreme and really is extreme, the changes are reported to be fantastic. The dieter does not lose momentum as they see continual losses and substantial changes occurring almost daily. Done with a doctors supervision, this method of weight loss is supposed to be virtually side-effect free and measurably safer than most some other methods available today.