Resistant Starch Foods For Weight Loss

For years we have been programmed that carbohydrates are bad for those in a diet. In fact, this has been the foundation of low carbohydrate diets such as the Drinking Man's Diet, the Stillman Diet, the GI Diet, the HCG diet and of course the most popular low-carb diet of them all the Atkins Diet.

Which makes loading up on carbs seem like the epitome of everything we've been told not to do when trying to lose belly fat. But all that's about to change with recent studies showing that the more carbs we intake, the more fat we lose.

Recently, researchers at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center for Human Nutrition have found out that increasing your consumption of carbs can actually help you attain quick weight loss. Not only that it can also curb cravings, shrink fat cells, increase muscle mass, regulate blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol. A true dieter's dream if I've ever seen one.

But as with any discerning dieter, you might be asking yourself: so what's the catch? The catch is that the carbs you're supposed to be eating more of, should be resistant starch foods. Well, if you can call that a catch since increased intake of high resistant starch has been advised by most dietitians and health experts to people who are trying to lose weight for a long time now.

These resistant starch foods give the small intestine a harder time breaking it down so that it gives you the feeling of being full longer. Brown rice, barley, whole grain bread, bananas, cereals, and potatoes are examples of real starch foods you should eat to lose weight.

In the same study it was also found that eating resistant starch foods for breakfast jump-starts your metabolism so that you burn 25 percent more calories per day and since you feel fuller longer, it is estimated that your calorie consumption is cut down by 10 percent.