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Carbohydrates And Weight Loss

Carbohydrate is the basic source of energy in human beings. This energy can be obtained from foodstuffs that are rich in starch or sugar, such as rice, noodles and potatoes. However, despite being an essential energy for the body, people who are trying to reduce pounds are determined to steer clear of carbohydrates that are [...]

Healthy Weight Loss Diets For Beginners

When it comes to the many healthy weight loss diets there are different methods that people will swear up and down about their effectiveness. There are millions of diet fads out there that will promise to take away the fat in a matter of days or weeks. These diets more times than not have gone [...]

Medical Causes of Weight Gain

Many people mistakenly believe that everyone who is overweight or gaining weight is living an unhealthy lifestyle. There are also a variety of medical causes of weight gain, in addition to some less-than-obvious lifestyle factors that may affect your weight gain or weight loss. There are diseases that cause weight gain, severe constipation causes weight [...]


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