Detox Foot Pads, Patches & Spa Treatments

Body detoxification products been very popular in the United States since th mid 1960s, when popular Asian remedies began to trickle into Western culture along with the spiritual bases of many of those alternative medicine strategies. Since purity of the body is thought to be associated with improvements in energetic balance and overall health, it is thought that detoxifying can cure what ails you. Detox foot pads, patches, and spa treatments are some of the more controversial of these detox treatments, because their relationship to these ideologies is direct and apparent. In this article we will review the way that detox foot pads work in theory.

It is important to remember that the claims made about detox treatments are not based on medical research, and have not been reviewed by the food and drug administration. So when we talk about how they work, we are really talking about the way that practitioners and users believe they work. With that in mind, let us begin with an overview of the theory and practice of foot detox and the kinoki foot pads that are being sold for the purpose of accomplishing this cleansing process.

Foot detox is a type of detoxification through which toxins including heavy metals,