Raw Food Detox: The Power of Food Enzymes

The key to a healthy lifestyle has been attributed to the benefit of enzymes found in food. They are basically metabolic catalysts which are found in raw foods. They are important chemical compounds that help in the digestion or breakdown of food and help with its absorption into the circulatory system. You can harness the power of natural food enzymes for a raw food detox: a new type of raw food diet that aims to cleanse the body with raw food enzymes.

As well as the gut, they are found all over the body where they are important for the overall body functioning. They are found in the muscles to help muscle contraction and in the brain where they are important for neural functioning. In fact nothing much in the body can happen without them.

The more of these natural food enzymes you take in via food groups such as fruit and vegetables the less your own body will be depleted of its own chemical supply. Therefore, it can work more efficiently and work on other more important processes to detoxify the body.

Cooking destroys a lot of the raw enzymes in food, which are very sensitive to heat, than when eating the food raw. As a result, this means that greater quantities of cooked produce needs to be consumed, increasing both calorie intake. This means an increase in calorie intake, causing obesity, and also puts more stress on the body as it has to work harder.

Eating raw foods like fruit and vegetables will often satisfy your hunger more quickly than eating the same foods cooked, even though you will not be able to utilize as many calories from the same food. This can help you to begin the raw food detox diet process. Also, the requirement to increase the calorie intake will also increase the risk of obesity and other fat related diseases, and the greater demands on the body will also increase the speed of ageing.

Eating salads and drinking fruit juices is a great way to get raw fruit and vegetables into the body. Eating a salad every other day and drinking fruit juices every day will provide you with many enzymes and will be a significant boost to your health.

Alternatively, a daily combination of a vegetable and fruit juice is a fast, easily prepared, delicious and extremely easy way to get all of your your nutrients and enzymes. Fish and meat that is safe and can the eaten in its raw state will also work in the same way. Eating a steak rare rather than well done will boost its health benefits and reduce the workload needed by the body to digest it. As a result the digestion and absorption of the food improves and reduces the risks of various ailments such as constipation.

If planning to undertake this dietary advice, rather than just go into it head on, it is often worthwhile slowly building up to it by slowly replacing some of the foods you eat each day with more fruit and vegetables. Investing in a quality juicer like a Jack Lalanne Power Juicer is a quick, easy and enjoyable way to increase your daily intake of fruit.