How does Medifast food taste?

Medifast food offers one particular benefit to dieters like me. You see, when I diet, I really don't want to spend a lot of time thinking about food. I'm not one for coming up with low fat or fat free recipes or spending time trying to figure out how to eliminate all the carbs or make something that isn't bread taste like bread.

Nope, when I diet, I just want to be given a supply of food and told what to eat. So my meals are taken care of and then I can just get on with my day. This is why I like trying diet delivery programs for dieting. The one I usually use is Medifast as it is pretty much no fuss. Their foods are mostly shakes and bars and you only have to fix one meal a day for yourself, made up of lean protein and fresh vegetables. But the big question for anyone trying to get on a new diet that they will actually be able to stick to is the question of taste. So you must be wondering how does medifast food taste?

The handy thing about Medifast is that you can order either the powdered shakes mixes or you can get the Ready to Drink shakes, which come in vanilla or chocolate. The ready to drink option is great if you need to be out someplace where you don't have access to a kitchen or a blender. You just pop the straw in and you are all set to go.

If you are wondering how Medifast food tastes, I think you'll find that most of their stuff is pretty good. All of their bars are really good, much better tasting than the kinds you can buy at health food stores. I like most of the Medifast shakes too and you can always doctor them up with some sugar free syrups to give yourself even more variety (and hide some of that soy taste).

The best bet before you order is to read a few Medifast food reviews as everyone has their own taste. But at least by reading a few different reviews you can figure out what the general consensus is on certain products.