Lose Weight Quick By Eating Protein

This is one of the most scientifically validated and least-known quick weight loss tips that I have to offer, and I sincerely hope that you will hear it well. You should read back over this post until the true weight loss gospel sinks down into your diet-weary soul. Here's the tip-off: eat more protein and you'll get skinnier.

It's hard to believe. Because think about this careful: what is a steak made of? what's in an egg? Chicken? Fish? Protein, baby, and lots of it. No other source of protein on earth can offer the 50 grams of solid protein that fresh meat can. And remember, your body is made of meat, so when you put in protein that comes from meat it is pretty much exactly what you need. If you have a stomach for offal meats, those are even better because you get a wider spread of amino acid constituents than eating muscle meat alone.

But you really don't need to worry about the details, you only need to absorb this fantastic high-flying quick weight loss tip: eat more meat, and you'll get thinner. It's amazing and it's true and I'll tell you how it works.

As I mentioned in my last post on how to eat more and weight less, your body is not a furnace. It does not indiscriminately burn everything that you put into it. If you are eating high-quality, bioavailable food, then a great deal of what you eat will be diverted to other purposes. This is especially true of protein, because so much of your body is made of protein. Not only are your muscles constructed of long protein fibers, every hormone and neurotransmitter that you use in your nervous and endocrine systems are also protein-based.

Protein is so important to the functioning of your body that if you do not eat enough, your body will sacrifice muscle-mass without thinking twice, in order to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly. That is why I feel it is such a tragedy when I see a dieter order a plain salad with no meat, The salad may fill the stomach and provide some good nutrients, but it does not provide the protein that you need to maintain muscle mass. And without muscle mass, you cannot burn calories.

A final quick weight loss tip: eating more protein actually makes you eat fewer calories overall. Protein is a very satiating food, and when you eat it your body releases hormones (which, remember, are made of protein) that signal your hands to stop shoveling food into your mouth. This satiation leads to a spontaneous reduction in calories in the majority of dieters. So in order to achieve that lower-calorie diet you've been struggling to maintain by choking down plain salad, all you need to do is order some chicken, bacon, and cheese on that salad. You will then stand a much better chance to lose weight quickly and easily.