Nutrex Lipo 6

Nutrex Research Lipo 6 is a purported fat burning weight loss supplement that contains several different compounds intended to boost metabolic activity and increase exercise capability. The company wisely recommends that Lipo 6 diet and exercise all be combined, rather than suggesting that their product is an effective weight loss pill all on its own. Judging from the ingredients it looks like an individual would probably be likely to see some physiological changes just from taking the supplements, but with some of the risks associated with certain ingredients and the way the components work together to improve fat loss it would be much better if a dieter were to take this product along with a proper diet and exercise routine, and this is generally the case for any weight loss product.

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Nutrex Lipo 6 Reviews

One of the most important things to look for when choosing dieting supplements is always whether it seems to be working for other people. The problem with doing that kind of research on the internet is that you will often come across reviews that are simply written by marketers, and there is little way to know whether the reviewer has actually tried the product. Here we have compiled some reviews that we were able to be reasonably certain came from actual dieters who has tried Lipo 6 liquid caps themselves out of an honest desire to lose weight. Hopefully you will find them helpful.

Brian R. Bolton of Germany writes:

I got turned on to this by a friend of mine, and this stuff really does help. I started taking this stuff and exercising more and now I am in the best shape I have ever been in. It could be just a mind set that I am in but I believe this stuff works. Take it for a month then take about two weeks off then start again and I am here to tell you this stuff helps. I have been taking it for 6 months now and I have gone from 225 to 192 it.

J. Balancio of California writes:

I don't normally drink caffeine, so I was in a depleted state when I first started taking it. So, the first couple of days I was really jacked and wired. The effects tapered 2 weeks later and even though I cycled off for about 2 weeks, I never got the same feeling when I first started it. Even after a month off of it, it never felt the same. It did work though. I slimmed down a good amount. I would say buy a bottle once or twice a year when you're cutting because it seems, for me at least, you need to cycle off of this product for a long time to get the same effect.

M. Sheikh of Connecticut writes:

My brother is a professional bodybuilder, and before his shows when he needs to lose his weight at a gradual pace, he uses this item. So I began using it when he offered for me to try it. I usually DO NOT take supplements to lose weight or gain muscle of any sort, I am NOT the type of person to pop pills everyday, so you can understand how aggravating it must have been that I had to resort to this. I did extensive research on Lipo6 before I began taking it. I was fearful of the caffeine content, as I don't consume any usually. And it did have a terrible effect on me, I was a bit jumpy, jittery etc,. HOWEVER- everyone is RIGHT when they say those side-effects DEFINITELY subside after the first week!! you will not feel a thing , trust me I am extremely sensitive to caffeine too. Going through the stress of graduate school I gained 20lbs. I've been taking Lipo6 now for about a couple weeks. The first week I lost 4lbs (great!), and its been wonderful from there. I DO workout and I eat a very nutritious diet. I believe that if you do eat horribly and do not perform some type of exercise, you will GAIN NOTHING from Lipo6. It has been a great addition to my workout and healthy eating plan- to say the least. I am getting ready for a wedding in August, and I am positive that I will reach my goal if I maintain my routine with Lipo6! I truly do hope you will take my review into consideration when you are buying this product- because if you were a skeptic like me, reading this honest review will be a great help, i know. If I could afford to, I would love to create a website for Lipo6, because this stuff really saved my life-- working out and eating right and not getting the results you desire can be a hard hit to take, but Lipo6 has saved me! :) .. GOOD LUCK!

Rassiel Rebustillo writes:

I tried this for two months and I lost about 15 pounds. Of course, with regular training at the gym also. I will recommend this product.

A. Bouchard writes:

My husband has been weight lifting for years, and had seemed to plateau over the past year or so in terms of fat loss that was annoying him. He talked me into ordering these, and we both have been using this product for the last month. We both seem to be losing and weight, and our appetites are lessening. It certainly isn't melting the pounds off by itself, but with our usual exercise routines, we are both seeing results and are pleased with the product

Mo L. of Arizona writes:

Great product. Was recommended to me by a fitness trainer & competitor. I've only been taking it for 2 weeks with not much weight to lose. I just needed to tone. I plateaued so I started taking Lipo 6 and I lost fat around my waist area and started seeing my 6pack for the first time. I didn't experience any bad side effects. My appetite decreased. I LOVE Lipo 6.

H. Walls of North Carolina writes:

I have played sports and been active my entire life, exercising 5-7 times a week since I was in 7th grade, but I couldn't get my appetite under control. I think that is the main thing that works with this, i don't really know if it burns fat, i think not eating as much and exercising makes fat disappear, but this is serving it's purpose for me no question as an appetite suppressant and an amazing energy boost for my workouts. I've been doing more interval workouts and my 3 mile time has gone from 22 minutes to just under 19min in under 2 weeks. I started at 146 lbs (im 5'3") and now I'm at 141, this happened in 2 weeks, which is the fastest I've ever lost weight.

I havent told anyone i'm taking them, i'm kind of embarrassed, but i was happy and in a good place before I started taking them, it doesn't feel like a mentally or physically unhealthy thing thus far. I am eating between 1200 and 1500 calories a day and exercising 30-120 min a day, the only thing that's changed since starting to take the pills is my calorie consumption has gone down, but it's not to an extreme, 1200-1500 is a healthy amount of calories i think.

Anyway, i wanted to make a point to review this after trying it out for myself. I read a ton of reviews and I was afraid a lot of them were maybe written by people hired by the company or something.

Definitely don't take it within 6 hours of bedtime. My problem has been that I exercise late so if I take it too late I have to take melatonin or a unisom.

If you're active but you eat too much or if you're active but you're fitness is suffering because you don't have the motivation to push yourself during workouts, then I think you will be happy with this product.

So you can definitely see that there are plenty of positive reviews from users of the Lipo 6 liqui caps, and many people seem to be seeing some very positive results in terms of weight loss and improved exercise effectiveness. Both of those are very important for a diet program, because metabolism is the most important consideration for any weight loss program, as well have said here again and again. I would say from these and other reviews we have heard from dieters that the answer to the question "Does Lipo 6 Work?" seems to be yes in most cases and with some qualifications, like anything else. A major question remains, however, and it is this:

Is Lipo 6 Safe?

One of the things we like about this product is that it contains guggulsterones. These are derived from an ayurvedic tree sap that was used in that medical tradition for obesity for centuries before it was rediscovered by western medicine. There is also a lot of good research indicating the safety and potential side benefits of this constituent of the lipo 6 fat burner pills. In addition to increasing metabolic functioning (and sometimes producing increased body heat,) guggulsterones decrease blood cholesterol, reduce inflammation (which will improve recovery from workouts and decrease soreness), and provide antioxidant benefits which can be important during weight loss. There is even scientific research showing that guggulsterones may fight certain types of cancer!

We also like the fact that Lipo 6 ephedra free. The only problem is that the product contains another compound, called synephrine, which is very similar in molecular structure and physiological activity to ephedrine. Ephedrine has been made illegal for use in diet pills because of the many adverse reactions that have occurred with its use. There have been somewhat fewer reported reactions to synephrine, but the problem is that it hasn't been very well studied yet. It is definitely something you will want to be cautious of. All of your positive lipo 6 results could be rendered meaningless if you were to have an unfortunate medical event cause you to be unable to exercise for a prolonged period of time, or worse. That is why we think it is so important to always consult with a doctor before taking any type of weight loss supplement.