Drinking Medifast Shakes to Lose Weight

There are a lot of diet programs that use shakes as meal replacement. These types of diets have been popular since the 1950's, but there have always been questions about how satisfying the shakes are, how complete is the nutrition that they provide, and how satisfying are they to keep you going without food. Medifast weight loss shakes are a little bit different than some of the other diet shakes. One of the primary ingredients in Medifast Shakes is soy protein isolate. This stuff normally has a pretty terrible aftertaste, but luckily the food scientists at Medifast have figured out a way to reduce it.

There are also some pretty tasty Medifast shake recipes that take these shakes to a whole new level. There are a wide variety of Medifast Shake flavors including: French Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, Strawberry, Orange, Swiss Mocha and Banana. These are all pretty delicious and will keep you occupied for your first few weeks on the program, but when you get into the later stages of Medifast, you'll probably start looking for ways to jazz things up a bit. There are many recipes for Medifast online that range from adding diet soda or coffee to transforming the shakes into cakes.

These shakes have been designed with a precise balance between proteins and carbohydrates so that your body will be forced into ketosis. But the shakes also contain a daily amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to keep your body healthy and functioning well throughout the weight loss process. If you follow the program accurately, you will not only lose weight, but you'll be getting the daily recommended amounts of all the micronutrients you need.

Compared to other meal replacement shakes, Medifast shakes are far healthier and contain less sugars and carbohydrates. They are designed to work as part of a system that keeps you healthy while you lose weight. This system - approved by thousands of physicians - has helped thousands of people lose weight and live happier lives.