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The Science Behind Whey Protein And Its Side Effects

Whey protein powder had been one of the most talked about product in health industry. There had been a division of perspective about these products. There are those who have so much confidence but there are also those who are skeptical, claiming that excessive intake of protein powder side effects can lead to different dangerous [...]

The Truth About Rapid Weight Loss Tips

The talk about losing weight and staying healthy is not new to anybody. After several studies made in recent years about the relationship of weight and fitness, nobody can deny the importance of watching once weight in keeping a body that is physically fit. That is why the rise of fitness videos and quick weight [...]

Weight Loss Based On Body Fat Percentage

Most of us have probably initiated a kickboxing match with our scales a time or two. It seems that we are watching what we eat and working out even harder only to have that scale either reflect no change or sometimes a gain. Well, stop basing your progress on those numbers and start basing it [...]

Beginner Exercise Routine

As we all know exercise is a must in our day to day life routine. It is very important to maintain our levels of fitness in any age. To keep fit and strong, exercises are very vital. If you are new to the field of exercise it is very important to get the guidance and [...]

Get Motivated with a Portable Treadmill

Treadmills come in many colors and sizes. They all have different functions and features. What I want to concentrate on in this article is one particular type of treadmill: the portable treadmill. What is so great about portable treadmills is that they (obviously) can be moved around. This may seem trivial, but actually it is [...]


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