Weight Loss Based On Body Fat Percentage

Most of us have probably initiated a kickboxing match with our scales a time or two. It seems that we are watching what we eat and working out even harder only to have that scale either reflect no change or sometimes a gain. Well, stop basing your progress on those numbers and start basing it on how you look and feel because the body fat percentage is really what counts.

There must be a certain amount of fat present for your system to function properly. When you eat right and exercise, your system will normally convert excess fat to muscle. While eliminating fat is the ultimate goal, muscle weighs more, but it also takes up much less space.

Do not base your weight loss goals on a particular mark on the scale and instead shoot for a correct percentage of fat as your goal. This percentage is your total weight divided by the total weight of fat you carry taking into consideration the necessary amounts that must be present for the body to sustain itself. Tools can be found online to assist with calculating your exact percentages.

Base your own personal requirements on good health recommendations of the ideal for your age, gender and activity levels. There are many different techniques used to get an accurate reading. One of the simplest and most familiar is probably the skin fold method.

The skin is pinched and measured with a caliper at different points. There may be several measurements taken, and it can often be accomplished with as few as three. Calculations are performed from the combined measurements for a combined total present under the skin.

This test can be completely accurate if it is performed in the correct manner. The best way for the test to be done is for the same technician to administer the test in the same areas of the body each time. The caliper used is sensitive and this will insure more accurate readings.

By Martin Elmer, the editor of Slankekure. Here you can also read more about Fedtprocent.