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Weight Loss Based On Body Fat Percentage

Most of us have probably initiated a kickboxing match with our scales a time or two. It seems that we are watching what we eat and working out even harder only to have that scale either reflect no change or sometimes a gain. Well, stop basing your progress on those numbers and start basing it [...]

Discipline and Weight Loss

Whenever there is any sort of task that requires time and dedication to accomplish, there is no underestimating the value of discipline. Weight loss, for many of us, is one of the most difficult tasks that we set before ourselves. This becomes especially daunting when you look at the statistics and see just how many [...]

The Complete Beck Diet For Life – How It Works

The Beck Diet for Life is a book with the word “Diet” in the title but it really isn’t a diet? Written by Judith Beck, daughter of Aaron Beck the father of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Beck discusses how to solve problems through setting goals and changing the way the reader thinks about weight loss. Those [...]

Good Low Fat Diet Plans

Statistics indicate that more than fifty percent of the population in the developed world is obese or overweight. This maybe attribute in part to poor eating lifestyles characterized with fast foods and high levels of dietary fats in their day-day meals. Most people do not understand the effect of unnecessary fats and lipids in their [...]

Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

Apple cider vinegar, or ACV as it is also known, has been used for centuries as an effective means of losing unwanted fat. This natural method of shedding excess pounds has been a long-standing home treatment used around the world. The many nutrients and natural enzymes act together to suppress appetite while increasing metabolism, making [...]

Fat burning exercises for men

Losing weight for men can actually be much easier than it is for women. Men typically have a much higher metabolism which allows them to burn many more calories throughout the day. The problem with losing weight with men is usually the motivation. Many men tend to get complacent and let themselves go. Once they [...]

5 Common Characteristics Of All Diets That Work

So many people around the world these days are looking for the magic diet that works. The fact of the matter is that when it comes to weight loss and dieting, there is special cure, or a trick that can make you drop all the pounds in 5 days. Weight loss takes a little bit [...]

3 Pros of the Cambridge Diet Program

The Cambridge Diet is a somewhat controversial diet that has many supporters, but has also come under a lot of fire over the years.

How to Lose Weight Fast Naturally

In this article you’ll see how to lose weight fast naturally, and you might find that it’s easier than you thought. But first I’d like to share with you how I can upon this fast, natural weight loss knowledge. In the last 10 years, I had let 50 pounds creep up on my body. No [...]

10 Quick Weight Loss Tips

This article is about the top 10 quick weight loss tips that will help you to lose weight and will also make your weight loss journey easier. There are countless pitfalls in dieting, not least of which the fact that you will find so much conflicting information. And, as always, much of the battle is [...]

Children’s Fitness & Weight Loss

Getting in shape is not just something needed for people over thirty or someone who has just had kids. Staying in shape is not just for high-school sports stars or Olympic athletes. Fitness should be a part of every individual’s life, no matter what form it takes. Our bodies were created to move, to be [...]

How To Choose The Best Home Elliptical Machine

Elliptical machines allow you to effectively burn calories by giving you a full body workout minus the problems that people often experience with other mechanical trainers. These machines simulate stair climbing and cross country skiing movements to provide you the physical benefits that you would get from engaging in those activities. Depending on your customized [...]

How To Lose Christmas Pounds

Oh Christmas pounds, Oh Christmas pounds, How tight you make my waistline… Tis the season to start rethinking our dietary habits once again, after a long holiday season of stuffing our faces with delectable dishes and packing on pounds. Egg nog, fruitcake, figgy pudding, cakes, pies, Christmas cookies. All these wonderful and festive holiday delights [...]

Diets For Quick Weight Loss

There are some easy diets that work fast. But in order to find them, you will have to wade through an awful lot of misinformation and fad diets that have the potential to lead you straight off the deep end. The most common approach to weight loss tends to be to try and figure out whatever seems to [...]


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